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Illustrated print with many buildings piled on top of one another including famous landmarks such as the Great Wall of China, the leaning tower of Pisa, the Taj Mahal, the Petronas Twin Towers, the Parthenon Greece and more. Buildings are sitting on a hill, with sea an sky detail in the background.

Print reads ‘In the age of this darkness with the constant chitter chatter of impending doom we took to the cities, to the streets across the lines and border drawn by men throughout all the ages, driven by greed and hate and we could not understand the lengths they go to in order to destroy and kill – If only they placed this energy in to something more; And so we took all the buildings, their inhabitants, showing them, telling them what a wonderful world this is, we all of us are living in – And living so separately what have we achieved? So let us replace the thorns with blossoming roses; replace the darkness and bitterness in your souls with wisdom; tyranny with freedom; a sword with a smile; a gun with a hand held out to your enemy; anger with a kiss of forgiveness; the love of power with the love of giving – We asked them to just imagine how the stars would shine like diamonds in our eyes if we could come together – If we could overcome this darkness, this hate, this greed and we would let peace and love for all our fellow human beings flow through us, shining brighter, breathing stronger, spreading faster and longer than the sun does to the trees. Just imagine for a moment how beautiful that would be if we all lived as one’.

Made in the UK. Limited Edition Print.

Printed on recycled paper 350gsm. Copyright Anais Woolf.

Available as A2 print (420mm x 594mm)
Mounted A2 print (530mm x 700mm)

Additional Information

SKU 1036
Manufacturer Anais Woolf
Materials Recycled paper, card nount
Dimensions 13 x 16 cm
Anais Woolf Illustration

Anais Woolf Illustration

We are a design duo based in Scotland.  One of us began our creative life in the art foundation classroom while the other was reading lots of classical literature and poetry.  Many moons later our paths finally crossed in a pub over cigarettes and wine and a relationship quickly blossomed.  The friendship and love that bloomed soon brought sketches poems and letters to share with each other.  We soon found other people liked them too so we thought why not combine out imaginations.... So here we are now.  Our aim is to produce things that make people happy remind them of a special person or a wonderful place and let them have a little escape from a busy life.

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