Maxi-TERAPY Bean Bag

Product Description

maxi-TERAPY offers the ultimate comfort. As the cover stretches slightly, it follows the shape of your body, and therefor gives you even more support. This delivers a feeling of great comfort.

Stress? You are working hard and need relaxing, tranquility and comfort at the office?
After buying the maxi-Terapy for their home, a number of people bought it for the office as well. It is the perfect finishing touch for your office: to relax or take a short nap in the afternoon. Maxi-Terapy makes you dream and it understands fully your need for comfort.

You don’t have much space in your home or you are studying and only have a small room?
Maxi-Terapy gives you the solution. It is multi-functional and can be used as a sofa together with the tube-Terapy. You can use it as a bed, hang out on the beanbag and of course use it as a sofa. For all these uses ergonomics and comfort are essential. Each Terapy takes the shape of your body and posture.

Are you pregnant ? Or have you just given birth?
We thought of you designing the maxi-Terapy. Maxi-Terapy offers pregnant women or women who recently gave birth the ultimate ergonomic support and comfort. Filled with the perfect proportion of beans the beanbag automatically takes the shape of your body for marvelous comfort.

Product details
Contents 700 litres
Size 170cm x 70cm x 50cm
Colours 15 colours

Outer cover can be zipped off and washed

Ergonomic Living


TERAPY is thé ergonomic beanbag that is conquering the UK! TERAPY beanbag literally shapes to your body something that other beanbags do not do. This is why TERAPY is healthier and more comfortable. The beanbag is multifunctional you can go relax on it sleep on it or just choose to sit upright as you do on a chair.


TERAPY suits anyone who chooses for comfort and style. TERAPY beanbag comes in two sizes: mini- TERAPY (same size as most other bean bags) and maxi-TERAPY.

The cover of TERAPY distinguishes itself by its lovely soft stretchable cotton of the highest quality. The beanbag is filled with higher quality EPS granules which contain less air than normal grains. Because there is less air in our grains the volume lasts longer.



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