Mental Baggage Statement Totes

Product Description

Mental Baggage comprises a set of three screenprinted tote bags bearing the statements:

 “Fear is Security” “Austerity is Wealth” & “Surveillance is Service”

This series of “Keep Calm” spoofs is inspired by the “Newspeak” of George Orwell’s novel, 1984, and intends to challenge the concept of creeping control and surveillance – omnipresent in today’s society. Carry them proudly and fight against the notion of public mind control. Stuff “Keeping Calm” – rebel against “Big Brother” and show the world that you are onto him!

Additional Information

Manufacturer Designed by Lance Walker for R
Materials Cotton
Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 0.2 x 30 x 45 cm

REthinkthings (originals) LTD

 REthinkthings LTD was founded in 2009 by Ilsa Parry and born of a long held belief that there are too many products on the market that lack emotion and personality and that an opportunity existed to develop and offer for sale alternative tools for living. Whether it be furniture lighting gifts or purely functional items REthinkthings' mission is to explore the boundaries of what can be materially possible to achieve a particular purpose and actively seek out opportunities to develop and bring to market the most imaginative products that demonstrate ambition and meaningful creativity in design.

Our studio boasts a warehouse a workshop and desk space for our designers to think and develop ideas only the best are then licensed and produced by the brand. We are always on the hunt for interesting and innovative product solutions and work hard to ensure our offerring is varied and useful whether we are producing or simply selling the design led products of others.

Design is our passion and encouraging and supporting the design and manufacturing industry is very important to us. We aim to offer a broad range of exciting unique and quirky homewears and giftwears to our valued customers and trade partners. We encourage and advise designers who approach us to always create work that pushes the boundaries of what exists. Making useful objects which capture the imagination and feel great to use.

We ask questions we solve problems we feel and we think. We do "things" very differently....


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