Mercury Glass Fruit Bowl

Product Description

Mercuryglass Fruit Bowl, Available currently in Silver or Blue.

Size: approx D25cm (10″)

Our Mercury Glass Bowls are handmade in glass by highly skilled Craftsmen, using an “antique” production process.

The technique involves blowing a hot glass bubble and then working the piece against a wooden former to create a hollow finished shape with an inner and outer surface.

Once the glass has cooled, a metallic fluid is then poured into the cavity between the surfaces, “freezing” onto the inside and so producing the shimmering “hall of mirrors” effect.

The pieces can be washed in warm water, but being glass, they are not suitable for boiling hot temperatures. Dishwashers are not recommended.

Mercury Glass

Stunning contemporary forms and traditional glassmaking techniques are combined in this unique collection of desirable, practical objects. Handmade by Czech craftsmen, Nick’s ‘Mercury Glass’ is dazzling re-interpretation of an historic artisanal process.

Nick Munro - NSM Product Design Limited

Nick Munro

Bed Springs to Egg Cups

Nick Munro studied engineering and design at Nottingham University Imperial College of Science and Technology and The Royal College of Art London and launched his career in design by turning bedsprings into egg-cups - an instant hit which won him the prize of UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Since then the Nick Munro brand has become synonymous with original modern British design.

Nick's signature collection has grown to include pewter ceramics glass furniture and lighting all featuring his distinctive combination of craftsmanship integrity and wit.

Over recent years many prestigious international companies have commissioned Nick to contribute to their design programs and joint ventures have come to fruition with Wedgwood  The V&A Museum  La Cafetiere Fired Earth  John Lewis  Bugatti in Italy and Royal in Malaysia.

In 2008 P&O Cruises launched their new superliner Ventura featuring specially commissioned Nick Munro designs from stem to stern and from cutlery to sculpture.

In 2009 John Lewis brought Nick’s furniture designs to the high streets of Britain for the first time.

During the first months of 2010 BBC1 recruited Nick as an expert mentor for their innovative series ‘High Street Dreams’.

In November 2010 Nick successfully opened the doors of his first independent high street retail store in Chester UK.


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