Merino Wool Scarf Fried Eggs Tomatoes Pattern

Product Description

Super soft and warm knitted merino wool scarf with Hokolo’s colourful fried eggs and tomatoes pattern.

Hokolo’s English Breakfast collection plays on strong graphic qualities of fried eggs, tomatoes, blueberries and orange slices set against colourful backdrops and gingham inspired patterns reminiscent of the breakfast table cloth and jam jar tops. The designs are bright, modern and playful.

This gorgeous super soft scarf is knitted in Scotland with a Jacquard birdseye technique where the designs are visible on one side.

There are 2 different designs: fried eggs and tomatoes, blueberries and oranges.

Why not get a matching pair of wristlets (fingerless gloves)? There are plenty of wriggling space for little fingers. The stitched thumb detail holds the wristlets in place. Get a matching pair or have fun mixing and matching the designs.

100% super soft merino wool that doesn’t itch!

Hand wash or dry clean.

Scarf measures 15 x 140 cm. Perfect length for kids and long enough for the young at heart.

Wristlets size (don’t forget they stretch when worn): S (children) measures 7.5 x 18 cm, M (women) measures 9 x 20 cm

Made in Scotland



Hokolo (an amalgam of Hong Kong and London) is a London based design-led label founded by Jen Taylor in 2012 following a career in architecture. The creative world of Hokolo expresses Jen’s love of colours patterns and bold inspiring products. Hokolo’s unique designs feature striking prints and patterns composed of everyday objects many quintessentially British. Jen’s mission is to inspire people of all ages with her witty stylish and beautiful creations.


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