Merry-go-round X Clock

Product Description

Memory might fade away, however, with time goes by, it will still move on with us, and is just being forgotten….
haoshi Design connects time and memory by Merry-Go-Round. “Happiness” is the immediate feeling; however, “the memory of happiness” will extend to the infinity as time goes by. We therefore insert the element of time in this carousel. A boy’s vigorous movement is the second hand. The minute hand symbolizes a mother, who company with her child continually. The hour hand is like a father who steadily guards his family. The close relationships and interactions between them convert into the flow of time.
Merry-Go-Round is the most spectacular and classic facility in the amusement park. It seems like the carousel is spinning around in the same spot, but the happy memory we derive from it will never stop moving forward.

User Guide
Boy on the cockhorse is the second hand
Mother on the cockhorse is the minute hand
Father on the cockhorse is the hour hand
The numbers on the Rome pillars represent time
For your convenience, have Rome pillar #6 face your direction
Caution: To avoid damaging the device, forbid using alkaline battery and use AAA battery only.

Material: Resin, Plastic, Japan SKP movement

PLEASE NOTE: This item ships from Taiwan. Customers ordering from outside of Taiwan should be aware that import duty/customs charges may be applied to their order at point of delivery. Please feel free to contact us prior to ordering if you have any queries regarding this.

Additional Information

Manufacturer haoshi Design
Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 13 x 20.5 x 32 cm


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