Mini-TERAPY Bean Bag

Product Description

TERAPY beanbag shapes literally to your body, allowing your shoulders and spine to be well supported. This support relieves the pressure in your shoulders and back, resulting in the ultimate comfort and a healthy sitting posture. Sitting free of any worry…healthy sitting and relaxing.

If TERAPY beanbag gets dirty, one can simply remove the outer cover and wash it! Besides the benefit of cleaning the beanbag, it also tightens the stretchable cotton again. And in case there are little holes in the outer cover, there is no danger that your child will get near the beans that fill the bag, simply because those are kept in the inner cover. The beanbag has two covers: one inner and one outer cover. Comfort & Safety first.

TERAPY is available in 15 colors, so most people & kids can find a suitable color for for their room! And in case your child wants to change the color, you can also order the outer covers separately!

The mini-TERAPY is also suitable for adults. In combination with the u-TERAPY one can create the perfect chair, which takes up little space and is just very comfortable.

Product details

Contents 320 litres
Size 100cm x 80cm x 50cm
Colours 15 colours

Outer cover can be zipped off and washed

Ergonomic Living


TERAPY is thé ergonomic beanbag that is conquering the UK! TERAPY beanbag literally shapes to your body something that other beanbags do not do. This is why TERAPY is healthier and more comfortable. The beanbag is multifunctional you can go relax on it sleep on it or just choose to sit upright as you do on a chair.


TERAPY suits anyone who chooses for comfort and style. TERAPY beanbag comes in two sizes: mini- TERAPY (same size as most other bean bags) and maxi-TERAPY.

The cover of TERAPY distinguishes itself by its lovely soft stretchable cotton of the highest quality. The beanbag is filled with higher quality EPS granules which contain less air than normal grains. Because there is less air in our grains the volume lasts longer.



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