Miss Moss the Mouse


Product Description

Miss Moss loves a burger and a disco (you can always find her throwing some shapes with her gal-pal Ditto the hamster). She’ll squeak if you squeeze her tummy (don’t we all). Made from a really thick creamy-white wool she’ll fit snugly in your hand. She has a pink tail too.

She’ll loose her squeak if you put her in the washing machine (and no doubt shrink). You can still give her a quick dab with a damp cloth if you’re quick mind. This wool is pretty hardy.

All toys are gift-wrapped in pink tissue paper.

Additional Information

SKU mouse
Manufacturer Terri Leahy
Materials Wool and hypo-allergenic toy stuffing
Weight 0.09 kg
Dimensions 27 cm
Terri Leahy Designs

Terri Leahy Designs


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