Mobile Decorations

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Set of 9 handmade porcelain decorations: A star, heart and a circle in 3 different colours – pink, cream and green. Decorations are strung with hand dyed hemp – with an adjustable hoop at the end – to hang them from. Each piece is unique and textures vary from piece to piece. Handmade in UK. Great to hang in a bedroom window, or over a child’s cot.

Liz Emtage Ceramics

Liz Emtage Ceramics

Liz Emtage Ceramics make bespoke translucent porcelain lighting hand-built in unrestrained natural forms that exploit the malleable quality of the clay.

Inlaid with different organic textures which leave a delicate impression in the clay surface. 

Currently the range consists of table and floor lamps pendant shades standard lamps wall lights and night lights. 

More than 20 years experience has gone into the making of Liz Emtage’s unique porcelain lighting.

A passion for art and design that has developed over a lifetime she constantly experiments with the clay in order to expand the range of lights and finishes that can be produced.  



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