Molly patchwork mirror in Pinks

Product Description

A feminine collection of modern pinks with splashes of turquoise make this a fabulous bedroom mirror. This mirror can be bought as seen or made up in your own colour choices. Please message for details.

Additional Information

SKU mirr-moll
Manufacturer Suzy Newton Ltd.
Materials mirror, wool, silk, velvet and prints
Dimensions 4 x 51 x 51 cm
Suzy Newton Ltd.

Suzy Newton

One-of-a-kind homeware specialist isn't quite like its industry companions. Characterized by an instantly recognizable patchwork aesthetic which is playful yet refined the brand passes the unique test with flying patterns. Game-changing cushions adorned with textural fabrics cleverly clash the traditional with the contemporary and muted hues with colour-popping ones the brand's offering can only be described as a kaleidoscope of creativity. Not only visually stimulating and unabashedly bold the colourful designs are also crafted from the most luxurious fabrics including silks velvets and rich cottons to provide a brilliantly multi-sensory experience. Designs of larger-than-life proportions Suzy Newton makes a statement in more ways than one.

With a contact book that includes Designers Guild Linwood and Harlequin the brand combines the best of the best.

"An artwork of colour and a statement of individuality every piece unique." - Suzy Newton

Now making waves with our debut collection. Suzy Newton has released a selection of striking handmade accent pieces including bespoke bedside tables upholstered headboards mirrors and picture frames. Accessories include cushions and bedspreads. Working alongside husband and furniture product designer David Newton the range is big on bold patchwork colours and contrasting fabrics.

"I'm passionate about design colour and craftsmanship " explains Suzy. "During a ten year career as an interior designer I've developed an addiction to colour and textiles." The aim she says "is to create show-stopping designs for the home workplace and the hospitality industry. Whether it be by small spashes of colour through cushions or bold statement mirrors we want to give our clients the means to express their individuality through their surroundings."

"Each exquisitely handmade piece is designed and made with love in the UK"

With an extensive background in interior and fashion design Suzy Newton brings her love of fabrics and bright colour to decor further inspired by her formal education in fashion and textiles and backed up by David - who with an eye for detail ensures every item is finsihed to an exacting standard.


At the heart of Suzy Newton is a belief that real beauty extends beyond the visual. It should be intrinsic to the functioning of the things we use turning our routines into moments of joy while delighting our eyes and enlivening our surroundings.


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