Morse Code Bracelet

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PERSONALIZE colorful bracelets ” Secret Message Morse Code ” with your own messages.

You can customize them differently : With your name , your initial, your nickname , the name of your loved one, or any words For yourself or to give to whom you want.
For example:
Love (.-.. — …- .)
Wanderlust (.– .- -. -.. . .-. .-.. ..- … -)
Friendship (..-. .-. .. . -. -.. … …. .. .–.)
I love you (.. / .-.. — …- . / -.– — ..-)
Andrea (.- -. -.. .-. . .-)

The message CAN NOT BE MORE than 12 or 13 LETTERS.

They are handmade and are adjustable using Miyuki Delica seed beads, vintage brass beads strung on DMC Embroidery Threads.

The order includes a card with your secret message and its translation into Morse Code.

The combination of colors can be chosen, as seen in the last photo. Please choose 3 colors and the message.

A Little Dot

A Little Dot

▶ Welcome to A Little Dot. ~~Handmade and Vintage Inspired Minimal Jewellery~~

Everything you see in A Little Dot. is made by me with love and care.

I have been studied about design for many years and got a degree in Product Design.
I love simple things but also love to creating playing around with new ideas and coming up with new designs. Most of the time I find I have too many ideas and not enough time to make them.

A Little Dot.

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