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Illustrated love poetry print. Print features decadent floral design with plants, birds, trees and art nouveau style border.

Print reads ‘everything is here just for you, because when I look at you I see nature, innocence and someone who still has wings even though agressors tried to break them off; and as we sat beneath the tree you nevver believed me when I said my darling all the birds sing your name becuase they know too you are as precious and fragile as all the creatures surrounding us and I waned all the world to know but there are no words to explain wonderful you’.
Copyright Anais Woolf.

Printed on 350gsm recycled paper.

A3 print – 29.7cm x 42cm

Mounted A3 print – 40cm x 53cm

Anais Woolf Illustration

Anais Woolf Illustration

We are a design duo based in Scotland.  One of us began our creative life in the art foundation classroom while the other was reading lots of classical literature and poetry.  Many moons later our paths finally crossed in a pub over cigarettes and wine and a relationship quickly blossomed.  The friendship and love that bloomed soon brought sketches poems and letters to share with each other.  We soon found other people liked them too so we thought why not combine out imaginations.... So here we are now.  Our aim is to produce things that make people happy remind them of a special person or a wonderful place and let them have a little escape from a busy life.

Thankyou for looking and we hope you find something you like!


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