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Nebula Lampshade


Make an impact with the stunning Nebula pendant lampshade. A dynamic, open form, Nebula releases plenty of light, and it designed for use with plastic pendant light fittings of almost any size and type.

Designed and made in the UK, Nebula is a clip and fold flat pack design that is extremely easy to assemble.

Made with a special light shade grade UV resistant polypropylene. To be used with an LED light bulb, up to 20 Watt maximum.

If you appreciate its form but do not want a bright light, use a lower wattage LED bulb or fit a dimmer switch to control the light levels.

Additional information

SKU Nebula
Manufacturer Yorke Design Limited
Materials UV Grade Polypropylene
Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 36 x 25 x 1 cm
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