Nordic Tales Hazel LED Light

Product Description

Hazel is a pendant by Nordic Tales. It is a small light imitating the daylight missing during the long and dark Scandinavian winter. The lamp is made of wood and metal in neutral colours. The black and the white version are made of aluminium and the copper one is made of copper, and 3 colours come with an oak wood top. (please select which colour)

The petite pendant uses the latest LED-technology and provides a warm light imitating daylight by 90 percent. The light is adjusted by a tiny lens, which offers total control over direction.

The lamp is designed, developed and produced in Scandinavia and has an estimated lifetime of 50.000 hours. That corresponds to 45 years when using the lamp three hours a day.

Dimensions : Ø80mm
Cord Length : 3 meters

Power Supply : 230V
LED Lamp 6 Watt
Temperature : 2700K
Lumen : 400
50.000 hours




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