Nostalgia Lights Large Spiral Lantern Lightbulb

Product Description

These beautiful hand mounted decorative filament light bulbs are the perfect Special Purpose Lamp for achieving a beautiful secondary ambient light.

Our Nostalgia Lights range has a 3000hrs life expectancy, which increases even further when used with a dimmer switch.

The beautiful decorative filament emits a warm glow of light, which can be used with a dimmer switch to create a simplistic, but unparalleled design feature.

Although the design of these lights has not changed since we when we first began retailing them, these lamps are no longer intended for household room illumination, but instead are intended to be used for decorative secondary lighting.

Perfect for use with our pendant sets.

Nook London

Nook London; Eclectic Home Furnishing & Curiosities

Nook London is an East London based retailer of industrial and vintage inspired lighting and homeware accessories. Founded by St Martins grad Hattie Hollins in 2011, Nook London has grown from a one-woman show to a bustling East London office. Proudly home to the leading brand of vintage factory style lighting, Nostalgia Lights and Nostalgia Lights Reserve, Nook London can be found across Europe and further afield in hundreds of design, concept and homeware stores. With its recent expansion from lighting specialist into more generalised homeware, Nook London stands strong as a formidable pioneer of the vintage industrial style.


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