Nostalgia Lights Small Dome Enamel Shade in White

Product Description

The Small Domed Shade is based on the typical, English Workroom lamp shade. Makes for an impressive centerpiece or multi-lamp installation.

Perfect for the industrial, retro, bo-ho or shabby chic interior.

A lustre enamel finish to the upper surface with a brilliant white inner reflector, these shades will light large areas when mounted high or can provide a more intimate lower intensity light when matched with a smaller, lower wattage bulb.

The shades are supplied without fittings and will accept all 40mm lamp holders.

The shade measures 25mm diameter, 210mm high and the 40mm lamp holder aperture fits all standard UK Edison lamp holders, see our sets of Edison Pendant Sets.

Commercial Grade info :

We rigorously assess each of our products and if they don’t meet our impeccably high quality standards they wont be sold. Not meeting our quality standard can be for a number of reasons; manufacturing error, damage during shipping, or falling victim to clumsy hands in the warehouse!

In any case, these products although still beautiful, very much in demand and still utterly useable, might not on the surface be impeccable so you’ll find them here being sold as a ‘commercial grade’ product. The main benefits is a large discount at 50% off!!

As each product contained within this listing will have varying degrees of ‘damage’ we cant photograph each and every item with all of their individual markings; therefor the selection of photographs are to be used as examples only.

If you feel that there may be issue purchasing a commercial grade product without being able to see the exact item prior, we’d advise you go for a one of the ‘first grade’ items instead to save any possible disappointment.

Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more about our commercial grade option.

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Nostalgia Lights is an eclectic mix of vintage-inspired curiosities. Combing one of a kind items with sought after vintage and industrial styles. East London based Nostalgia Lights was founded by Central St. Martins graduate Hattie Hollins from her love for 'all things visual'. We have a wide and varied selection of hand crafted carbon filament light bulb. With strong relationships with both manufacturers and trade clientele one might even consider us a Specialist!


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