Oh So Cute Badges Set of Three

Product Description

Drawing from our imagination we have transformed our own illustrations in to quirky fun colorful badge pins. Just what you need for an instant giggle!

There are 9 designs in total. You can personalise your own badge pack by selecting 3 designs for each set.

The designs include a fox, a dinosaur, a love bird, a unicorn, a lady bird, a sun, a raining cloud, a heart and Mr Honest, our very own take on Mr Pinocchio.

These badge pins are fab to pin on coats, jumpers, shirts and bags. It’s even a brilliant idea to spruce up any packaging, by pinning the pins onto a card / ribbons for gift giving.

Note: The safety pins are sharp, parental help advised for gifting to young children.

From the 9 designs, personalise your own badge back by selecting 3 for each pack.

1) Mr Sleepy Fox

2) Go With your Heart

3) Mr Honest (our very own Mr Pinocchio)

4) Mr Cloudy

5) Mr Sun

6) Lucky the Lady Bird

7) Charlie the Dinosaur

8) Burt the Love Bird

9) Clara the Unicorn

We personalise each order. Each badge pack is hand vacuumed packed with a card and a sticker!

All badges are designed and made in UK.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Go Jewellery
Materials Plastic coated metal pins
Dimensions 2.5 x 2.5 cm
Go Jewellery

Go Jewellery


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