Old English Painted Dresser


Product Description

A traditional bespoke Welsh Dresser from our “Old English Painted” Collection.

Historically a utilitarian piece of furniture where meat and other food was dressed or prepared, often tailored to individual’s uses (in Scotland for example dressers would be known to have a “porridge drawer” a tin lined drawer into which freshly made porridge was emptied and left to cool!). Over time such utilitarian usage has evolved, and dressers became used as a means of displaying the best crockery in farm house kitchens or even in the dining rooms of grander homes.

However you choose to use your dresser we are sure this gorgeous piece can accommodate your needs and taste. This particular dresser provides a good mix of enclosed storage and open display space across its three cupboards, three large drawers and four small drawer configuration with open shelving above. Each cupboard door opens up onto one large open area with a half shelf running the width of the dresser. The open shelves include a groove in which plates can be stood.

Detail wise the dresser is constructed from Canadian Pine, a much more durable, denser and beautiful wood (due to the closer/tighter grain) versus European pine which is traditionally used in most commercial furniture. Doors and drawers are panelled and constructed with traditional dovetail joints. The doors are hung from ornate, metal, aged bronze coloured hinges. The back of the dresser features vertical tongue and groove panels. The look is completed by a wooden cornice which tops off the piece and sits above an ornate curved fascia.

The dresser shown in the main image has a paint and waxed combination finish, Antique White (other colours are available) with Natural Beeswax on the work surface and cornicing. The piece can be customised to your requirements, i.e. fully painted rather than a combination finish, or a stained rather than a waxed work surface. Light distressing is also available on request, where some of the carved details and edges will be rubbed back and waxed to give an aged, well used look.

Fitted with round wooden painted drawer/door pulls as standard.

Hand made and finished in England.

NB: Our Old English Painted pieces are intentionally designed to be rustic in design and finish. As such, characteristics in the wood such as knots, nicks and splits are not filled or sanded out as they add character to the piece.

Would you like this item Made to Measure? Contact us and we will obtain a quote for you.

Standard Dimensions:

W 122.3cm x H 204.7cm x D 43cm

Small Drawers – W 22.2cm x D 14.5cm x H 9.1cm | Large Drawers – W 31cm x D 32.4cm x H 11.2cm

Interior Cupboard Space: Bottom Shelf – W 114cm x H 24cm x D 30.5cm | Top Shelf – W 114cm x H 25cm x D 28.3cm

Additional Information

SKU 379
Manufacturer The Orchard
Materials Canadian Pine
Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 43 x 122.3 x 204.7 cm


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