Oodle Doodle Boodles cushion


Product Description

Hand crotched boodles recycled t-shirt wool cushions available in a variety of colours, each cushion is unique.

Additional Information

Materials Boodles recycled t-shirt wool
Dimensions 30 x 30 cm
Oodle Doodle Art

Oodle Doodle Art

Oodle Doodle Art was founded by Elise Bradley in 2006 and she is obsessed by anything textiles! Elise designs and makes everything from retro recycled leather satchels and handbags to cushions throws bespoke canvases and 'make your own' kits. Many of the materials are up-cycled recycled and retro making each product totally unique! Ooodle Doodle Art is a company that wants to encourage everybody young old or in-between to try something new so Elise runs her own create workshops in and around the South West of England. The 'make your own' kits have been developed through these workshops so each kit has easy to follow instructions. All you need is the time and love to put into it then you can create your own unique item and learn a new skill.


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