Ooh Sir Cake Stand

Product Description

A favourite; quirky and entertaining. Each piece of china is lovely in its own right, but the joy is in the combination. While the courting couple chat on the 240cm base plate, a song bird sings joyfully in the branches above.

Once we’ve combined china for a cake stand we test it with our (un)patented “mismatch-o-meter”. Any stand that scores less than 8 is rejected, so you can be sure that this and every stand you see here is a grade A mismatch!

Every stand comes with a special manual which shows you how to assemble it and take it apart. As the china is vintage it may have fading and light crackling in the glaze, which we think adds to the charm. We do make sure that the plates have no chips or cracks.

‘Ooh Sir’ should not be placed in a dishwasher as the china is vintage, so should be hand washed carefully. We make no guarantee on the china ongoing as it could be decades old.

Like all our cake stands this one is unique – you won’t find another one like it anywhere. It’s so lovely to breathe new life into old china, giving it a sense of purpose for the 21st Century.

Let them eat Cake

let them eat cake


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