Open Heart Stacker Ring Handmade Sterling Silver Plus Optional Stacker Rings

Product Description

Very pretty hand forged sterling silver heart ring. Can be worn on its own or as shown with our extra set of narrow stacker rings.

Stacker rings are fun to collect, wear them together and they look like a wide silver ring but are much more comfortable to wear and you can keep changing the rings around and swapping them to create completely different looks.

Add to them on your travels or have one made to celebrate an event.

I made these rings are in 1mm sterling silver wire, solder them, then hammer them to give them a twinkly finish and polish them overnight to make them shiny.

Please let me know what ring size you would like.

Please allow time for me to make this ring especially for you.

if you like this ring why not learn how to make a set of stacker rings and more on one of our Introduction to Silversmithing short breaks in France with La Vidalerie.

La Vidalerie

La Vidalerie Handmade Silver Jewellery

Each item starts life as silver sheet or wire and with the help of a saw hammer and torch becomes something beautiful and unique for you to wear.  Each item is handmade by me and will be slightly different. 

I have a passion for handmade and when I am not making jewellery I run jewellery making short breaks in France where you can learn how to make wonderful jewellery yourself.


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