Original Maasai Shuka _Red Black

Product Description

Dress like the world-famous Maasai in their traditional attire. Heavier than both kangas and kikoys; they are the traditional outfit of the Maasai. Shukas usually come in red – the favourite colour of the Maasai, to match their red ochre decorated bodies. Made predominantly in a checked design, the colours and sizes of stripes vary. Thrown over the shoulder or tied round the waist by a sword belt they are multi-functional, from wrap to scarf, rug to blanket. Shukas are often used in Africa as tablecloths; dog blankets and are ideal for picnics.

Size: 152 x 203 cm (including fringes)

Material: 100% Acrylic Maasai Shuka

Made in Kenya

Kasuku kikoys

Kasuku Kikoys


Kasuku’s main product is the kikoy.  A kikoy is a traditional Kenyan cloth made of 100% cotton.


Kikoys are traditionally used as sarongs however they can also be used as scarves skirts turban throws the uses are endless.

They are known for their vibrant colours and versatility.  Kikoys only get softer with time and can last for up to 10 years.

Kasuku offers a range of original beachwear and accessories made from this prized fabric.

Items such as the kikoy beach towel are a lightweight 2 in 1 option for the beach sarong on one side and towel on the other.  We use 100% cotton towelling on our towels.


Kasuku kikoys can also be used to furnish the house which makes the Kenyan sunshine stream into a home. Kasuku offers a wide choice in Bed Throws Cushions and Garden Chairs.

Our kikoys are unique as they are made from 100% mercerised cotton this gives the colour a lustrous shine.   All our cotton is sourced from East Africa.


The fringes on the kikoys are hand knotted in our work shops in Kenya.


We offer over 400 jobs to the local community in Kenya and we are a member of KEFAT (Kenya Federation of Alternative Trade).



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