Product Description

Ceiling lamp: single brass sheet 2,5 mm curved and fixed over a solid wood counterform, alike handcrafted “Brandimarte” cuples.
Handcrafted in Florence, Italy.

Furnace painting:
exterior- glossy white enamel
interior- opaque gold.

The electric cable is covered with a coloured fabric pipe.
Dimensions: ø 46 cm, h 42 cm.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Zpstudio
Dimensions 55 x 73 cm


The Easy Tech collection by Zpstudio is a line of self-manufactured products all born observing the anonimous and daily objects from a different point of view. Easy Tech is also a convinced statement of the need to create brilliant solutions trough the re-use – and the functional overturning – of existing objects trying to awakening the user's attention towards the aestethic qualities of the material world. All the items are limited editions and self produced by Zpstudio with the help of Italian craftsmen. They are all boxed with Zpstudio packaging.


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