Paper Foresti Grande Pendant Lamp


This is a grand sized model of Paper Foresti.

This gorgeous lamp makes a significant impact on the surroundings visually and environmentally.

Air clean paper, the material of the shade, cleans the air like plants do.

Similar to Photosynthesis, this chemical reaction is called Photocatalyst and it is activated by weak ultraviolet rays from fluorescent light bulb, which is the light source.

Paper Foresti Grande is an ECO Product with a touch of Japanese technology.

Add White Metal Ring

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Color: White
Material: Steel, Glass, Japanese air clean paper
Shade Size: 750mm x 750mm x H700mm
Full height from ceiling: 650mm (min) to 1000mm (max)
Bulb: E-27 / Compact fluorescent bulb 21watt max (not included)
Weight: 6.0kg

* Cable (clear) and socket are included

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