Paper Foresti Pendant Lamp

Paper Foresti Pendant Lamp


The Lamp shade is made from "air clean paper" leaf cut outs which create a contrast of light with compact florescent lamps, which are used as the light source.

The leaf cut outs overlap each other creating curious shades of shadows on the walls.


Paper Foresti is an eco-product designed by DI CLASSE who continue to be inspired by nature. This sculptural lampshade of white paper leaves is not just pleasing to the eye; using innovative Japanese technology, it also holds an important function. Each leaf is cut from ‘Air Clean Paper’ a material developed in Japan which uses the Photo-catalyst process in order to clean the air.

Photo-catalysis is a process like Photosynthesis in plants. The paper reacts with UV light to change bacteria and dirt particles in the air so for this reason, it is essential that fluorescent bulbs are used in combination with this product. As it is not a filtering material, the paper itself stays clean and the process of cleaning the air is never- ending.

As well as a beautiful shade which creates ambiance, it purifies the room environment too.

It is perfect for both residential and public spaces – for example, tobacco smoke and food smells may mix and bacteria can build up quickly in a room, but with Paper Foresti the room is left clean and hygienic.

Please inquire about the delivery cost to the country out side of the UK.

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