Paper Mobile

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Paper Mobile is a fun room accessory.

It's an eco-friendly product, made of paper.

Inspired by Kirie: the traditional Japanese art of paper cutting, using modern technology the fine details are cut by laser.

It is small and light: easy to hang or put it on your desk or anywhere! The moving shadows adds a joyful atmosphere to your room. Enjoy a little piece of modern Japanese essence!


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Type: Birdcage Stand, Birdcage Hanging, Oval Frame, Rose Wreath
Color: Black Material: Paper
Birdcage Stand: W72mm, D35mm, H129mm
Birdcage Hanging: W80mm, D3mm, H130mm
Oval Frame: W103mm, D3mm, H130mm
Rose Wreath: W133mm, D3mm, H130

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