In Paradise Mother's Day Hand Painted Elephant Parade


A stunning 10cm hand painted 'In Paradise' limited edition, numbered, collectible Elephant Parade helping Elephant conservation - a perfect Mother's Day gift.

A perfect gift to show a Mother how special she is.... a Limited Edition piece of unique art.

In Paradise Elephant was designed by Gitte Spee for the Laren 2017 Parade. The design is inspired by a little elephant who dreams of Paradise. A place where all animals live peacefully together, where there is plenty and nobody goes hungry, where flowers bloom and butterflies flutter, where everybody can find happiness.

An original Elephant Parade replica is something really special to give and to own. Each elephant is hand-painted by talented artists, part of an exclusive limited edition series and each one sold donates to charities in aid of elephant conservation.


The Elephant is known for its wisdom, strength and as a symbol of good fortune. In the art of Feng Shui it brings energies of beauty, silent power, kindness, fertility & majesty to your home or office. To welcome such positivity into your space place your elephant replica facing inward, preferably just inside the front doorElephant Parade is a social enterprise and runs the world’s largest art exhibition of decorated elephant statues to raise awareness and funds for elephant conservation as, without our help, experts predict the endangered Asian Elephant could become extinct within the next 30 years. Be part of it, and help save the elephants with Elephant Parade.

Each elephant comes packaged in a smart black gift box, with a hologram of authenticity and a certificate listing the artist, series, production number, year and parade city.

made from:
Hand painted resin replica Elephant

10cm x 10cm x 6cm

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