Personalised Word Search with up to 100 hidden words


Product Description

A personalised word search is a unique gift, that captures countless thoughts and memories forever.

Each print contains up to 100 words and is meticulously created by hand. They are not computer generated and are printed and framed using the highest quality materials meaning it will bring pleasure and memories for many years to come.

There are various options regarding finish, colours, sizes and framing and they can be hand-finished using real silver or 24ct gold leaf and each print is hand embossed, signed and dated before framing.

A personalised word search print is the perfect gift for a loved one, for a wedding, anniversary, or for a milestone birthday.


Studies have shown that word searches can help improve memory, focus, vocabulary, and overall mental acuity. Finding words releases dopamine, the ‘reward molecule’ which explains why they are so addictive but when those words are events, dates and people special to you, the feelings and memories they evoke are uniquely rewarding.


Each personalised word search is created by hand and can contain up to 100 words and phrases of your choice though if it’s less that’s not a problem. 40 might be the perfect number for a 40th birthday present though it’s amazing how many words you can think of when thinking about a person or subject close to your heart.

Depending on the subject, these are a few ideas of words to include:

Places – e.g. addresses, holiday destinations, honeymoon, wedding venue, birthplace, school, university

Events – e.g. memorable, funny, personal or significant things where a word or a few words will trigger a memory

Dates – e.g. birthdays, wedding day, start date, leaving date

Interests – e.g. hobbies, sports, films, bands, particular song(s)




Numbers, punctuation and foreign characters can also be included. Words normally run from left to right, horizontally, diagonally or running from top to bottom but if requested, words can appear backwards that are harder to find. A background image such as a heart or logo can also be added.

It’s also a great idea to ask family and friends to suggest words to include.


Prints can be supplied in any colours so please let me know if you have any ideas you’d like to discuss.


Each print is printed using archival fade-resistant inks on textured acid-free 100% cotton fine art paper which has been tested to last up to 200 years!

The keyword(s) can be applied by hand in any colour including neons, metallics, real silver leaf or 24ct gold leaf. Please get in touch to ask about specific colours.


Each print is framed in a high-quality white contemporary frame. The print is mounted and backed using archival acid-free whitecore mount board and where needed, P70 conservation tape.

The 610x640mm is glazed using toughened glass to ensure safety in transit and when circling the words on the glass.


Digital proofs will be supplied to confirm colours and layout. Only when you’re happy with absolutely everything, your artwork will be printed and framed.


All finished prints are supplied with a dry wipe pen so the words can be circled on the glass if you wish. The 610x640mm and 800x800mm prints are also supplied with a unique aluminium pen holder that can be attached to the frame.


Artwork is sent by courier on a next day service using bespoke packaging to ensure safety in transit.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Clive Sefton
Dimensions 3 x 40-80 x 40-80 cm
Clive Sefton

Clive Sefton

I'm a Brighton based artist and designer and my series of 'Word Searches' combine clean and beautiful design with fun and interaction. My work is as much about the creation of the piece as the finished artwork. Each piece is thoroughly researched sometimes working with other people to ensure the relevance and importance of all the words. I then create the artwork by hand including as many words as possible though the final number depends on the size of the piece and the length of the words! My hand-printed silkscreen prints and high quality Giclée prints are the ultimate personalised and unusual high-quality gift especially for significant events such as weddings anniversaries birthdays and engagements. I also produce personalised corporate commissions. Email for more details.


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