Piccolori By the Sea


Product Description

Piccolori colouring sets are a great way to make original art!

Each colouring set comes with 24 images to colour, 12 high quality coloured pencils, a leaflet of 24 colour illustrations, general tips and advice, practice cards and a sharpener – in fact, everything you need to make some charming little pictures either as gifts, or for your own personal satisfaction.

There are also plenty of interesting titles to choose from in the range. You’re sure to find a subject of interest for your relative, friend, or why not have a go yourself? Piccolori By the Sea contains typical seashore animals, shells, birds, fish and mammals to colour including the seahorse, starfish, mussel shells, puffin, dolphin…..

To start simply consult the enclosed leaflet of colour illustrations noting the subject you wish to colour. Then find the corresponding card to colour. On this card there will be a light grey representation of the subject. You can then proceed to colour it using the coloured pencils. These high quality coloured pencils are also ‘waxy’ enough to be applied in layers, one over the other, using up to two or three, even four different colours. Like any artistic activity, personal technique and style mean that no two finished pieces can be the same. And so you can produce a real ‘original’ every time! And, of course, children and adults alike can find their ‘level’ with Piccolori and still produce stunning results.

As a bonus, the reverse of each card contains a little bit of information about the subject together with a ‘postcard’ format, just in case you want to send it to a friend or relative. But perhaps you may prefer to hang your precious and original works at home?

Piccolori is a unique way of colouring and offers artists of all ages a really easy way to produce lovely, original art to give or to keep.

Additional Information

SKU 11005
Materials Card and paper
Weight 0.17 kg
Dimensions 3.2 x 14.7 x 11.2 cm


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