Product Description

Plec21 is a new creation which offers itself as a compact display table or stool, I guess you could call it a toolble… but you really don’t have to.
Small in stature this little fellow has a strong presence and is extremely robust.

As with his Series28 relatives, your sense and awareness of balance is tested by the angle of the legs and Plec21 only has three, but you will find that he is increadibly stable and ideal addition to any interior environment small or large.

Handmade and available in a variety of powder coated finishes. I hand form and polish the top from ‘Dapple’ supplied by those clever people from Smile Recycled Plastics.
H44cm x W36cm x D36cm



The Aero-Organic design process demonstrates an awareness of the importance for the most effective use of raw materials and energy resources required to manufacture pieces. The majority of designs are formed and finished by hand and utilise the maximum amount of materials employed.

The elegance of natural form combined with the use of both industrial related and often reclaimed and sustainable materials produces pieces that are suited to both the domestic and commercial environments.


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