Power Pants for Political Couples


Product Description

Many great statesmen and women have been plastered onto our knickers. Now you can get plastered in them. Together. If you fancy.

For gentlemen we have soft, high-waisted, White 100% cotton y-fronts. The fit is generous, with plenty of room for high mindedness.

For ladies we have old-fashioned 100% cotton gym knickers in either White, Navy or Bottle Green.

The politicians available include Jeremy Corbyn, Angela Merkel, Nick Clegg, David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Ed Miliband, Margaret Thatcher, Ann Widdecombe and the oh so cheerful Michael Gove.

Please send us a convo telling us which two politicians you are after.

Twisted Twee

Twisted Twee

Twisted Twee design and make eccentric pieces of Object D'aft for children and adults. Everything we make is completely original totally useful extremely beautiful utterly affordable and wholly durable. You won't find the things we make in ASDA!


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