Pursilla the Bearded Feline Mermaid

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Roll up! Roll up! Here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to view something truly amazing! From the depths of the Baltic Sea comes the hauntingly beautiful part cat, part, fish, but totally bearded Purrsilla. Her existence raises many questions. How can she exist if cats don’t like water? Is she the only one of her kind? Does she eat fish fingers?

Purrsilla is totally hand sewn from new clean tights, a sea green one for her upper body and a black and gold fish scale design for her tail. Her hair and beard are made from beautiful thick strands of teal wool, finished off with little bits of shells. She has beautiful button eyes and a tiny embroidered nose. Around her waist she wears a button belt and she also has a couple of discreetly placed button shells on her chest!

Pursilla measures approx 30cm in length.

Purrsilla is not suitable for the very young due to her beautiful buttons.

PLEASE NOTE the above item is for decorative & collectable purposes only and is not intended as a toy.

The original Purrsilla is appearing in an exhibition at The Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester from 1st November until the 31st December. But I would love to make another. It would take me around 5 days to make and there may be slight differences with the buttons, but the overall appearance would be the same. Please contact me if you would like me to make one for you.

Cirque de Chaussettes

Cirque de Chaussettes


Roll up! Roll up! Ladies and Gentleman come one come all and welocme to the World Famous Cirque de Chaussettes.

Ever wonder where the cool cats go at night? Well if they aren't watching it - they're in it!

My circus cats are all ready to perform to you in the comfort of your own home.

My creations are all entirely original and hand sewn. They are designed for collectable and display purposes only and are not intended as toys.


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