Racines Container Vase by Matali Crasset

Product Description

Designer Container Vase/ Jar:

Racines by Matali Crasset

Our design vases collection is aiming to invest an ordinary and archetypal object surface with a graphic intervention. The first elected object is a white porcelain cylindrical vase and its cover which allows to transform it in a single flower vase or in a container. The collection brings together graphic designers creations signed by Antoine + Manuel, matali crasset, Ich & Kar, Jeremyville, Kuntzel + Deygas, Laurent Fétis, Maison Georgette, Pierre Marie, Tado, Trafik…

Matali Crasset develops new typologies focussing on principles such as modularity, flexibility, generosity and hospitality. Her work, which came to the fore in the nineties as a refusal of pure form, questions our living surroundings to turn them into a space for mobility and experiment.

* Size

* Width: 16cm
* Height: 19cm

Additional Information

Manufacturer Matali Crasset
Dimensions 0.18 x 0.13 cm


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