Real Leather Sofa Bed Bean Bag

Product Description

The Sofa Bed range is easily one of our best-selling lines, and for good reason. The XL is big, the XXL is easily a 3 seater sofa that’s as big as a bed and the XXXL Jumbo size is just HUGE!

The dimensions are:

(Length x Width)
XL 175cm x 90cm
XXL 200cm x 90cm
XXXL Jumbo 200cm x 120cm

The Real Leather Sofa Bed Bean Bag is an extremely versatile beanbag – Any size can also be put on end and propped against a wall to be used as a really big beanbag chair. Place it on its side and it becomes a funky hammock!

BE WARNED! They are BIG! Please ensure that you have measured the space. It is not uncommon to have these beanbags returned in exchange for the next size down.

Our Real Leather bean bags are made from soft-grain Italian Leather Hides, providing the pinnacle of luxury and comfort. The Real Leather range demands more from us as a manufacturer – each piece is made to order with an individual quality assurance ID number, yet will still be delivered within 1 week of ordering!

The Real Leather bean bags are manufactured from high quality upholstery Leather hides that are both durable and flame retardant. Real Leather is a natural product that by its very nature will have variations in grain and natural imperfections. Although every hide is fully inspected before dispatch, these imperfections are unavoidable and is what will give your furniture its unique ‘fingerprint’.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Precision Stitching
Dimensions 100 x 110 cm


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