Reframe Memoboard

Product Description

This ornate yet minimal memo board adds functional decoration to your home or office. Reframe is your personal canvas to decorate and celebrate. With magnets included, this fun design is perfect for keeping notes, grocery lists and invitations to hand. Using a dry erase pen, sketch your own artwork or cite a quote of the day, or simply jot down this week’s to do list. With this ?frame? you aren’t committed to one picture or painting. Tack your favourite photo or artwork to the center of Reframe, and replace when you fancy a change.

Available in two sizes and three colours the Reframe memo board is ideal for any hallway, study or living room.

Includes wall fixings and magnets. Made in England.

Bettina Nissen Design

Bettina Nissen Design

Fusing simple functional forms with humour german-born designer Bettina Nissen creates innovative products that generate subtle shifts in our perception of daily life.

With an eye for observation Nissen extracts everyday symbols and routines incorporating them into her designs to create curious thoughtful and witty contemporary objects that make you smile.


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