Rhodium Plated Meteorite Pendant

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Extremely rare and difficult to find, Love Jurassic Mounionalusta Meteorite pendants are literally out of this world.

Named after the Muonio River, close to where it was first discovered, the Muonionalusta Meteorite is the oldest known Meteorite in the world. The meteorite started out as the core of a planet that exploded in the far reaches space .Discovered around 1906, in northern Scandinavia on the border between Sweden and Finland, it is thought to have fallen around 1 million years ago.

This Meteorite pendant is Gold plated to give it an amazing colour and highlight its unique structure, known as the ‘Widmanstätten Pattern’ the pattern forms as the molten core of the planet cools down at 1 degree every million years in its journey through space. The crystalline structure is further enhanced through a delicate etching process carried out to the highest standard by skilled professionals.

Distinctive, unique and extraordinary; wear the depths of the cosmos.

Additional Information

SKU Rhodium Plated Meteo
Manufacturer Love Jurassic
Materials Meteorite
Weight 0.0032 kg
Dimensions 0.3 x 0.6 x 2.3 cm
love jurassic

Love Jurassic


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