Robi Rabbit Ring by Chic Pig Black

Product Description

Chic Pig is a fun colourful collection of animal jewellery created by Chiara Bello.
The Farm collection is the very first range of rings, with characters from the farm. Each animal has got its own name and personality: Lino Pig, Gigi Cock, Nino Chick, Betta Frog, Lulu Goose, Sonia Sheep and Robi Rabbit white and black.

Each piece is handmade with love by Italian craftsmen in Valenza, a town with an old tradition of jewellery artisans.
The rings are all handmade using the old and fascinating enamel technique.

S=size12=16.50mm; M=size14=17mm ; L=size16/17=18mm


character: smart, busy, latin lover
hobbies:drinking…carrot juices

Clooci Creative

Clooci Creative

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