Rocking Whiskey Glass & Mega Ice Ball Gift Set

Product Description

A stylish Whiskey Glass Set is the ultimate gift idea for Whisky lovers. This 2 piece gift set includes an elegant hand blown glass with a bevelled base along with spherical Ice Ball mould. The bevelled base allows the glass to rock and rotate naturally on a flat surface helping to release the aromas and flavours of your favourite whiskey. Simply fill the large ice ball mould and freeze to make a single solid slow melting ice ball that will outlast traditional ice cubes, cooling your favourite scotch, whiskey or liquor to perfection! The fabulous set is presented in a contemporary style gift tube ready to be given as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas present.

Allow The Glass To Rock & Release The Aromas & Flavours Of Your Favourite Single Malts & Aged Blends
Rock & Chill Your Drink With The Mega Ice Ball That Will Outlast Traditional Ice Cubes
2 piece Whisky Gift Set. Size : Tube: 10.5 x 10.5 x 15cm – Glass: 9cm x 10cm

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