Ruby Black Handbag

Product Description

Bags and shoes, why not bags and jewellery?

Inspired by the construction of my latest ring Athena, Ruby has been designed to emulate the facets of a precious stone.

She features a beautiful design focused lining that continues the concept of facets with a leather and silk pocket.

Large enough to fit a your book, umbrella phone and other essentials with Ruby your set for any occasion.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Amma Gyan Jewellery
Materials Leather and silk
Dimensions 29.7 x 42 cm
Me By Amma Gyan

Amma Gyan

Award winning designer Amma Gyan brings to you ‘me’ by Amma Gyan her brand of Italian leather accessories and jewellery that comes from the belief that each piece is an expression of not only herself but also a part of you. Each item aims to represent individuality in creativity expression in colour and confidence in simplicity.

With the personal touch that comes with handcrafted items the range is made with the conscious women in mind. Many of the jewellery pieces have the visual impact and elegance of precious metal with the lightweight comfort of leather. 
The essence of ‘me’ encourages you to be to wear what makes you feel beautiful and find strength in your style.

wear me be you.

Born in Ghana then moving to the UK Amma Gyan melds both cultures to illustrate the diversity and glamour of London with the vibrancy and richness of West Africa. Her style stems from her love of nature inspired art and cutting edge fashion.



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