Rustic Coffee Table With Shelf

Product Description

The sister style to our Rustic Coffee Table, but with the addition of a lower shelf and slightly large proportions

A beautifully simple, solid and natural piece of furniture

Solid, sturdy and hard wearing but retaining charm and character due to its natural look and finish

Crafted from Canadian Pine, actually categorised as a soft wood, but a wood which produces a much closer grain and therefore a denser wood. This is a result of the slow growth brought about by the Canadian climate, we use this timber as it has far more character and better qualities than the European pines typically used in most high street pine furniture.

Once our Rustic pieces are built we don’t sand the wood back, remove knots or fill holes. We believe in the natural beauty of the wood, hence the title Rustic, in this way each piece is unique and tells its own story. This ethos carries through to saw marks or strap marks appearing on the wood created by the traditional methods used when felling and drying the timber, all are part of the character of the piece.

Well suited to most homes whether traditional or contemporary. Sits comfortably within many style genres; rustic luxe, industrial, contemporary or country

Coordinating chair, benches and tables also available in this range

Nb: The image shows the item in its raw state. Samples of the available colour choices are available on request

Would you like this item Made to Measure? Contact us and we will obtain a quote for you.

Additional Information

SKU 760
Manufacturer The Orchard
Materials Canadian Pine
Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 47 x 107 x 76 cm


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