Scenery rings

Product Description

Set of three methacrylate rings. Which one do you like more, city or country?

Additional Information

Manufacturer OOO My Design®
Materials Methacrylate
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 7 x 11 x 10 cm
OOO My Design

OOO My Design

Spanish design duo Nenad Katic and Vanesa Moreno create pieces bursting with spontaneity and enthusiasm. Their label OOO My Design does away with difficult, inaccessible design aesthetics, replacing it with a sense of youthful freedom, wrapped up in a vision of unique furnishings made to stand the test of time. Working together since 2010, the multitalented Madrid duo’s backgrounds in art, architecture and design is further inspired by their virtuosic excursions through neighbouring disciplines including performance, photography and installation art. The label may be young, but their inventive creations are already turning heads, and the accolades and awards are rolling in.


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