SCOPE 2 Green LED with Orange Cover

Product Description

The Scope 2 wristwatch from Sea Hope’s Eeno Cyber collection is a blast from the future imagined in the past. Featuring a digital display that locks in on the current time, Sea Hope’s unique, stylish translucent visor, and a body cast entirely from stainless steel, the Scope 2 is simultaneously retro and futuristic.

Case Size:

47mm×41.5mm×15 mm

W/R ATM:Water-resistant

Case Material:

Brass Metal

Belt:Brass Metal

Lens:Mineral Glass


Production:China(Japanese Movement)

Accessories Supplied:Certification,Manual,Case


Additional Information

SKU CL11 WAT10 0086
Manufacturer Seahope
Dimensions 0.14 x 0.55 cm
Clooci Creative

Clooci Creative

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