Shiny Silver & Sparkly Pink Earrings

Product Description


Shiny and sparkly, these earrings are sure to add elegance to any outfit.

Featuring swirling sculpted silver in a teardrop motif and pink diamante beads, these lightweight earrings are just so pretty.

This is a ‘one of a kind’ piece from The Raven & The Writing Desk

The Raven & The Writing Desk hand craft our pieces from new, used, vintage and up-cycled items and materials. These items and materials are left in their original form to retain their unique character

The Raven & the Writing Desk

Wayfarers Inc

An eclectic mix of unique jewelry 'handmade with love' in Italy. 

The Raven & The Writing Desk creates an eclectic mix of distinctive pieces made from trinkets and knick-nacks I have found during my travels throughout Europe and around the world.



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