Silverfish: Fish bangle


Product Description

This is an individually handcrafted piece of jewellery by the designer-maker Carol Zilla.

This bangle has a small, smiling fish drop. Made in solid, sterling silver and hallmarked.

Carol Zilla

Carol Zilla Boutique

Shipping Details

Shipping from : United Kingdom (UK)

Dispatch Time : 3-5 working days

Country Cost Delivery Time
£10.00 1-2 weeks
Africa £10.00 1-2 weeks
Asia £10.00 1-2 weeks
South America £10.00 1-2 weeks
Australia and Oceania £10.00 1-2 weeks
North America £10.00 3-5 working days
Europe £6.00 3-5 working days
United Kingdom £6.00 3-5 working days


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