Slotzz iPad case August No. 1 Favourite

Product Description

Each month we try to select three different Slotzz iPad Jackets, from those that we’ve made, as our top three to help give you can idea of what you can buy.

Our No. 1 iPad case for August was “Barbershop Grey”.

This was made from:
– Charcoal Denim Outer Fabric
– Barbershop Red Lining Fabric
– Large Pocket
– Red Thread
– Black Drawstring



At Slotzz we produce bespoke iPad cases where you can choose the outer fabric the inner lining the thread colour and drawstring colour as well as the pocket configuration on the front. We have currently have 10 outer fabrics in stock: 6 standard denim; 4 designer fabrics. 9 Linings: 6 standard 100% shirting cotton; 3 designer fabrics. 11 thread colours 2 drawstring colours and 5 pocket styles.

We aim to provide you with an item that adds to the personality of your beloved iPad whilst allowing you to not worry about things like:

    -   where you've dropped your keys in your bag as they can no longer scratch your screen

    -   walking down the street with your iPad on full view it's now in a stylish and individual case

    -   where your iPhone is it's in the specially designed pocket on the front of your iPad case.


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