Snowflower White

Product Description

The light is reflected and softened through the inner construction and 150 thin identical petals that are formed by gravity. The petals move when touched by hand or by a breeze. The pendant looks great in high ceiling rooms, in smaller hallways and kitchens. Snowflower lamps fit public environments as well as private homes. Due to the light construction, the size is both present and discrete at the same time. The lamps are designed as self-assembly products, mainly to minimize CO2 emission under freight, but also to make the delicate petals possible. The Snowflower is easily assembled in approximately 30 minutes. Clean the lamp with a brush, or take the whole shade off the lamp holder and shower it softly. The lamp is named after the organic construction of a flower and the lightness and delicateness of falling snow. Enjoy a life with soft reflected Scandinavian light from the Snowflower family.

The light from Snowflower is 100 % glare free and can be fitted with new energy saving bulbs as well as traditional ones.

The Snowflower consists of 1 top ring, 1 bottom ring, 30 ribs, all made of polycarbonate, a lamp holder with 3 m textile power cord, and 150 identical petals made of Japanese polystyrene.
Assembly instructions are included inside the lid.

E27 Bulb Max 60W Tungsten bulb or Max 12W Low energy bulb

Additional Information

Manufacturer ShapingYourDay - mencke&vagnby
Materials Polycarbonate, a lamp holder with 3 m textile power cord and 150 identical petals made of Japanese polystyrene
Dimensions 64 x 42 cm



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