Snuggsox - Raspberry

Product Description

Designed to wear over UGG boots, SNUGGSOX give a stylish & fresh new look to your boots!

Available in a range of 8 great seasonal colours – including the original UGG colours.

Slip SNUGGSOX over your boots to give the Cardy look to Classic UGG styles…

Change the colour… hide scuffs… Or simply wear for added warmth this winter!

SNUGGSOX slouch over the back of the heel – so whether your UGGs cost £200 or £20, who’s to know?!

Of course you don’t have to wear SNUGGSOX over your UGGs – wear them pulled over the knee showing buttons at the top… folded over the top of wellies to stop chafing… wear over leather boots for the D&G look… add length to ankle boots… they look cute on kids too!

With a little imagination you’ll find versatile SNUGGSOX can be worn in many other ways too!

One size • 100% Polyester • Machine washable • Length 44cms


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