Spiral Stairs

Product Description

The list of stunning ancient spiral stairs contains a vivid selection of Greco – Roman styles constructed during classical antiquity. Although the oldest example dates back to the 5th century BC, spiral stairs have been introduced relatively late into architecture due to their complex helical structure.

Designer’s Atelier reproduction of a staircase can also be described as the manifestation of the inner mind where descending down the stairs represents diving into the psyche. Physically, the spiral stairs can also be likened to an umbilical cord, a symbol of one’s desires. Amongst other types of buildings fitted with spiral stairs were basilicas, temples and tombs. On a black marble pedestal this enigmatic staircase would make for an ideal gift for anyone who wants to impress and be remembered.

Additional Information:

Material: Brass and Black Marble
Product Dimensions: H55CM X D15CM X W15CM


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