'Spitfires' grey & silver wallpaper

Product Description

To mark the 75th anniversary year (2011) of the Spitfire. An iconic English ?plane that boys, young and old, adore. The Spitfire aircraft became one of the iconic planes of World War II, helping to win the Battle of Britain. Our small boys may well never fly in a Spitfire but they can enjoy imaging themselves as brave young pilots whizzing about the skies. We have created the Spitfire image in a sprayed graffiti style.

Repeat: 53cm
Width: 52cm
Length: 10m
Weight: 150gsm
Material: We use FSC Accredited Sustainable forest paper.
This means ?your wallpaper has come from a forest that is managed to the highest standards to meet the social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations? www.fsc.org

Wallpaper design by: Victoria Cramsie for PaperBoy wallpaper
Made by: Robert Hamlin-Wright at his small wallpaper factory in Norfolk, England

PaperBoy Wallpaper

PaperBoy wallpaper

 We make wallpaper and fabric for boys’ bedrooms that feels crafted that’s good quality

that’s thoughtful and has personality. That even has a sense of humour.

We make wallpaper and fabric where boys’ themes meet grown-up style. Two opposing

concepts coming together.

We hope you like what we’ve made.


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