Spritz Dish

Product Description

Fuschia hand blown glass Spritz dish.

This beautiful hand blown glass dish is underpinned by my research into the multifarious aesthetic phenomena present in nature, and working with the versatility of the medium.

The Spritz was an attempt to capture the movement and energy of a water droplet as it strikes a surface. This presented a challenge in terms the material properties of glass and so a technique was developed which could go some way to replicate those dynamic natural energies.

A dish made for decoration, a centre piece, or functional purposes.

Easy to clean and use.

Perfect gift for any occasion or even for your own interior!

Size is approximately:

35cm (w) x 35cm (d) x 10cm (h)

Each bespoke dish is unique and exclusive.

Happy to ship to other countries – just contact me for more details. I also regularly make other colours and sizes.

Charlotte Sale Glass

Charlotte Sale Glass

 British made unique hand blown glass to suit any interior.


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